Why Regular Oil Changes Matter for Your Vehicle

At Hudson Automotive, we pride ourselves on offering both Domestic and European Auto Repair Service that is local and trusted, providing clear communication with any concerns we might find with your vehicle, openly discussing ways to address them that are within your budget. One of the ways to help prevent

The Importance of Brake Maintenance for Your Auto

When it comes to the performance of any vehicle, keeping your brakes maintained is important for your safety and the safety of those around you. As with many mechanical parts in your car, your brakes are high on the priority list to keep in check – and Hudson Automotive is

Luxury Vehicle Auto Maintenance Made Simple for Spring

The sunshine has arrived in the Lower Mainland, and with it – the common desire to spring clean. But it’s not only homes that often need a refresh; your luxury vehicle can also benefit from a spring tune-up, ensuring it is achieving maximum performance and optimal driving capabilities. Maintain Performance with

Do I Need Summer or All-Season Tires?

Summer is here and it may be time for you to consider purchasing new tires for your car, truck, or SUV. As you look through your options you may be faced with a decision between summer or all-season tires. What is the difference between these two types of tires and

Is It Worth Getting a Cheap Oil Change?

Changing the oil of your car is one way of making sure that your engine stays in good condition. That is because it provides lubrication to all the moving parts that are found in the engine. Without oil, moving parts can cause extreme levels of wear off and friction as

Car and Truck Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

While you may never miss an oil change, it’s quite easy to forget the air conditioner of your vehicle, in fact, many of us don’t give the air-conditioning system of our car or trucks a second though, provided it’s still making cold air. But this is an expensive and complex

Spring Car Maintenance Tips Langley Auto Repair

Car Maintenance Tips Staying on top of vehicle maintenance should be a periodic thing, in and out of season. Each season presents a unique challenge to the proper function of your car, and none is tougher than winter. The freezing temperatures can inhibit much of a vehicle’s functions, more so

Langley Spring Wheel Alignment Discount

Why Get a Wheel Alignment in the Spring in Langley? This past winter has been tough on the roads in Langley and the wheels of cars and trucks. After winter, one of the most important things to consider having checked is your car’s wheels. Temperature changes can be quite dramatic