Is It Worth Getting a Cheap Oil Change?

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Changing the oil of your car is one way of making sure that your engine stays in good condition. That is because it provides lubrication to all the moving parts that are found in the engine. Without oil, moving parts can cause extreme levels of wear off and friction as well. Furthermore, lack of quality in product can affect the performance of your engine, and as a result, your car will fail to run smoothly. Besides affecting the performance of your engine. The gas mileage of your car will be much lower than it should be.

Considering Getting a Cheap Oil Change For Your Car?

The reason why most car owners consider getting a cheap oil changes for their car is to save money. However, what most car owners do not understand is that this type of product can easily affect the overall performance of your car. That is because cheap-oil may fail to clean the engine and may not prevent sludge from building up. Ash and other unwanted deposits are not kept in suspension, and as a result, they end up sticking to rings and piston. This is the major cause of increased fuel consumption and increased emissions.

Cheap product also causes cylinder wear, which results in reduced car performance. Other problems that are associated with the use of cheaper brands are breakdown, faster oxidation and developing of varnish and black sludge increased viscosity and rust. The sludge can block the car’s engine galleries and later on lead to poor lubrication and hot spots, which occur in the engine.

Why Use Quality Oil For Your Car

Good quality product change may seem expensive to most people, but using a high-quality oil can help control emissions of your car. Furthermore, it will also maximize the engine life and help reduce the overall cost of maintenance. Moreover, besides increasing the emission standards, it also provides power efficiency to your engine.

High-quality oil also provides better low-temperature performance and mileage. That is because quality fluid provides better natural cold flow and great lubricity. Moreover, it also provides a cleaner operation of the car’s engine, thanks to the consistent molecular structure that the oil contains. Use of high quality  leads to fewer changes. That is because quality oil does not burn as fat as cheaper products and you can cover great intervals without changes..

Where To Go….

Having your vehicle serviced at a full service shop has it’s advantages. At Hudson Automotive we not only change the oil and filter…..

  • All changes are preformed by Licensed Red Seal Technicians
  • We check the history on your car or truck
  • We match the mileage with the manufacture’s schedule  maintenance
  • Check all fluids and top them up
  • Our  technicians are certified for car repair and maintenance and can spot  problems that may arise in the future with your car and point them out to you

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