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spring car maintenance tips

Car Maintenance Tips

Staying on top of vehicle maintenance should be a periodic thing, in and out of season. Each season presents a unique challenge to the proper function of your car, and none is tougher than winter. The freezing temperatures can inhibit much of a vehicle’s functions, more so if the car fails to get adequate maintenance checks. The same applies when the warmth of spring conquers the winter’s chill.

The winter’s cold grip probably had its toll on your car, the wear and tear present a risk you cannot overlook. Hence, taking your vehicle for maintenance check at your auto repair shop is important. As the weather gets hot, the changes will impact the car’s functional capacity. Therefore, several issues should be checked as we head into summer. Here are several spring maintenance tips that you can do with the aid of your auto repair shop.

• Checking The Oil And Fluids

More often than not, car owners will do an oil and fluid check during the late fall and early winter. However, it is vital to keep all the oil and fluids in check especially when spring roll around and summer right around the corner. Spring is the best time to flush the transmission and change the brake fluid, coolant, and window washing fluids. The oil filters may also need some cleaning or be replaced.

• Change The Tires

Inspect your wheels in early spring to avoid any incidents. The tires used during winter will not be a good idea for spring. The same applies to the tire pressure and tire tread. Change the tires to ones that offer more traction and increase the pressure to give the wheel adequate traction when on the wet roads in spring.

• Brakes Inspection

Check the brakes to ensure they function properly and have the auto repair shop check the brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid. It will also be important to get the suspension and wheel alignment checked and adjustments done appropriately. It is risky driving a car that pulls to one side in the wet conditions of spring.

• Removing Salt And Residue

The salt used to melt the ice during winter can accumulate in your vehicle’s undercarriage and cause severe damage. As such, the car will need a thorough scrubbing and cleaning, in and out; from the inside, exterior body, the undercarriage, and the engine; all this should be done in the spring.

Hudson Automotive have trained technicians who will check and confirm the belts, clamps, hoses, and other often overlooked parts are firmly in their positions and functional.

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