Our Winter Car Service Package to Take the Winter Snow By Surprise

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Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

It is a big surprise when you expected ice rain only for the roads and driveways to be filled with snow. This is a nightmare many car owners in and around Langley BC had to deal with last year. It was even worse for drivers who hardly prep their car for harsh winter weather.
But while we cannot do a thing to change the kind of weather to expect every time the winter tide turns on, we can surely do many things to make your car an equal match for the nasty weather elements.
Year in, year out, it has been our tradition at Hudsonautocare.com to give a winter auto service that has always given drivers the confidence to face the winter snow. Here is our car service package to finally win against the winter ice and snow:

• Installing Winter Tires

Every time the temperatures fall below 7 degrees, your regular and all-season tires will be helpless against the slush and snow on your driveway and roads. It is time you throw an equal surprise to the weather by installing winter tires. These ones are specifically designed to give a firm grip on ice and cut through snow with ease.
Want these “beasts” of tires? We have them just waiting for you.

• Oil Change

Low temperatures will have an adverse effect on how your oil functions. Without the right oil formulation to match the biting cold, your engine will be helpless every morning you are ready to hit the road. But you should not lose sleep over such a flimsy matter. We will have your oil changed to the low-viscous type. You will not need to get grease on your fingers; we have it all under control.

• Tune Up Your Spark Plugs and Ignition Wires

Do you know what every car owner hates the most? That dying sound every time you hit the ignition. It is even worse to get that reaction in the middle of a cold morning. But we will never let this be your winter driving experience. We will tune your spark plugs: run them through tests and replace them if necessary. We will keep your ignition wires in tiptop shape. It will be a turn-and-go cycle every time you are starting your car.

• Battery and Charging System Service

With unpredictable winter weather, you may have to put on all your lights and accessories throughout the day. This will put tremendous stress on your battery and charging system. If your battery has lived for four or so years, it is living on borrowed time. We will replace it and streamline the charging system to be a perfect match for the gloomy weather.

• Replacing Your Headlights

Many car owners never know that winter weather can reduce your headlight illumination by 70%. Your visibility will be reduced by a margin of 300 feet. Sometimes you will see total darkness. But it should not be this scaring. We will retouch your headlights and make them more powerful even in the pitch darkness of a winter night.
At Hudson Automotive, we only speak one language: to make your car ready for any weather. If winter has always given you a bitter driving experience, you came to the right place. We not only make your vehicle ready for the snow but also ensure your safety is always given a top priority.

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