Do I Need Summer or All-Season Tires?

Summer is here and it may be time for you to consider purchasing new tires for your car, truck, or SUV. As you look through your options you may be faced with a decision between summer or all-season tires. What is the difference between these two types of tires and why does it matter? The experts at Hudson Automotive want to walk you through the basics so you can choose the best tire option for you this season.


Summer tires are designed for performance and handling. This style of tire is designed to put more rubber in contact with the road, and they tend to have less tread depth than all-season tires. The extra rubber on the road also allows for improved braking, cornering, and control on wet or dry roads. Summer tires are preferred this time of year by city drivers, sports cars, and luxury sedans. Summer tires are also a popular choice for truck and SUV owners that want to preserve their more expensive and heavy-duty winter tires.


All-season have a thicker tread than summer and perform better in mild winter conditions. Many all-season  top brands like Michelin, Maxxis, and BF Goodrich have very long-lasting tread that perform well on both wet and dry pavement. All-season  are ideal for someone who lives in a mild climate with moderate temperatures and weather patterns year-round. These tires are likely overkill for city drivers who live in hot and dry places, and are likely not going to be sufficient for harsh winters and iced packed roads.

In Other Words…

You will want to run summer tires in hot and dry weather. Summer one tend to be less expensive and will give you better control and stopping power where more surface area and less tread is needed. Drivers in areas that experience diverse weather patterns do best to swap out seasonally due to the fact they can preserve their appropriate tires for the appropriate seasonal weather. Specialized tread on high-quality summer tires allows for added traction and performance during summer time rain. This is one reason summer and all-weather tires can be confused easily.

In contrast, if you want to run one set of tires all year long, and experience mild weather and temperatures year-round, then an all-season may be perfect for you. You will not have to worry about changing out your tires with the change in seasons, and you only have to keep one appropriately sized spare-tire in or on the vehicle.

Often summer and all-season tires are interchangeable, but one is likely going to work better for you than the other. If you are looking to replace your present ones, or simply get an extra set for the hot and dry season, then you want to talk to the experts at Hudson Automotive in Langley. All of the top brands like Generaltire, Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Continental are stocked locally and ready for installation.

Measuring your tread in Canada

Take a Canadian quarter with the Cariboo facing down. If you see the tip of its nose that means the tread depth is 2/32nd and you should look at replacing your tires. Check often and replace them if they are damaged or show signs of extremely low tread depth. Then sit back and enjoy your summer!

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