Scion Service & Repairs

Scions are a relatively young brand among many other vehicle names, but they’ve established themselves with things like limited editions, bold designs and colors, and customization options the likes of which the market has not seen before. These are made by the Toyota Motor Corporation for the North American market, often targeting Generation Y as their demographic. The narrow focus is a little too stringent for some, but Scions fill a niche full of consumers wanting distinct vehicles. When you drive a Scion, you know that you are driving a statement piece with an unduplicated style that is quite unique.


Our seasoned and certified mechanics are ready to work on your vehicle

The reason why we can so confidently stand behind all of the work that we do is because we employ a team of highly skilled and experienced certified technicians. We have the best team in town, and they will work very hard to care for your Scion.


The thing about custom cars and vehicles is that they also need customized service work, but our certified staff can do that and at an expert level. Regardless of how customized or unique your Scion model and make is, we can keep your distinct personality shining bright on the roads you drive.
Customized auto servicing is not all we do at our shop though, since we do customize our service to all our clients. We cater quality every step of the way to Scions and their owners. From the minute you first contact us to the moment you drive away happy, you’re treated well here. If you have any questions, please ask us right away!

There isn’t any question too small or large for our experts to address.  We are happy to answer any questions that you might have and provide you with efficient and thorough service. You need to have reliable service since you completely rely on your Audi for your transportation needs.  No matter which model you happen to drive, our technicians are experienced and qualified to provide you with the area’s finest service.  Make sure your car gets the services that it deserves by calling our shop or stopping in to get an appointment scheduled today!

You deserve to have your vehicle taken care of properly, and we are very happy to assist you with that.  Give us a call or stop to get your appointment scheduled for your next maintenance check or repair.