Mitsubishi Service & Repairs

In 1917, the car manufacturer Mitsubishi introduced the first Japanese passenger production vehicle to the world.  Since that fateful day, the Mitsubishi brand has grown from the well-known ‘Model A’ to one of the most trusted and technologically advanced manufacturers on the globe.  Our repair and service department has been working to remain updated with this innovative company making the customer our #1 priority.  This is the reason why we are now one of the most trusted repair and services centers for Mitsubishi vehicles in this location.


The current models offered by Mitsubishi include the Eclipse, Endeavor, Galant, Lancer, Mirage and Outland.  The uniqueness of each automobile makes it necessary to have specialized skills for correct maintenance.  Our team of technicians are specially trained to service these models meaning you will not find a more dedicated crew in this area.


The vehicles created by Mitsubishi require superb servicing to continue performing at the world-class standard they are known for.  Since the cars are the best, they deserve the best from their automobile service crew.  To have the best team working on the motor, call us for preventative maintenance and service or repair.  Allow the most effective auto team in the area to keep your car in peak performance.