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To keep your vehicle running as it should, you need to ensure that you keep up with its maintenance. Auto manufacturers usually recommend routine maintenance at specific mileage intervals to keep up with the vehicle’s warranty.The good thing is that Hudson Automotive is here to help you with routine inspections so that your car stays in peak condition. Abiding by maintenance guidelines will help you avoid costly repairs in future as you will be able to detect and deal with any problems before they become worse.


Your vehicle’s suspension system serves a dual purpose – contributing to the vehicle’s handling and braking for good active safety and driving pleasure, and keeping vehicle occupants comfortable and reasonably well isolated from road noise, bumps and vibrations. These goals are generally at odds, so the tuning of suspensions involves finding the right compromise. The suspension also protects the vehicle itself and any cargo or luggage from damage and wear.

Proper alignment geometry will extend not only tire life but also the life of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems. Alignment problems even affect fuel economy!

Due to the wide variety of front and rear suspension systems, the cost of wheel alignments vary greatly depending on the type of alignment needed, if your car has been aligned before, or if it requires special shims to bring the alignment into specifications.


Do you want to change your tires? If the answer is a big yes, the Hudson Automotive is a good place to go as they will make the process of buying a new set as simple as possible.We have a wide range of quality tires that will fit your budget, vehicle and driving style. Whether you need economy or ultra-high performance tires you can find what you want for your vehicle right here. Any brand, any size you need is found at Hudson’s.


If you see lights on your dash start coming on, then your vehicle is trying to tell you that something is up. At Hudsons’s, we have ASE technicians who are well trained and can detect those troublesome warning indicators. This will help them prevent further damage hence helping you avoid costly repairs.We have different diagnostic tools and equipment all waiting to diagnose any problems. We assure you that you will be in good hands at Hudson auto care.

Combined with our experienced Technicians, you will receive an expert diagnostic analysis on your vehicle, which will save you time and money.


Hudson’s expert welders are always ready to help drivers as they have access to a wide variety of aftermarket exhausts. This helps them deal with any exhaust problems at a cheaper price compared to what our competitors charge.


How would it be like without HVAC in today’s modern vehicles? Miserable of course! Simon’s service team will help keep your vehicle’s heating and air condition in shape and ensure that it works as it should.

Maintaining the air conditioning system of your car and truck will ensure that you have enough refrigerant to do the job properly. Any leaks in the air conditioning system can allow the refrigerant to escape, meaning the air conditioner won’t cool the air as well.


Brakes are paramount for safety. Here at Hudson Automotive, we will enhance break performance by inspecting friction materials, brakes lines, rotors and other all hydraulic components.

If you’re having trouble stopping, or you can’t stand that screeching sound, let us take a look at your brakes. You need to maintain your brakes and replace them regularly to avoid expensive mechanical damage. Do you think it’s time to replacement?

Eco-Friendly Vehicle Fuel and Repairs

More and more motorists are becoming concerned about the issues of eco-friendly vehicles. When it comes to emissions, you might be surprised at the idea of ‘eco-friendly diesel’, but the truth is that diesel emits significantly less (15 percent lower) CO2 than petrol. It is worse from the point of view of nitrogen emissions, outputting around four times the amount, but for your carbon footprint, using diesel makes sense.