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While you may never miss an oil change, it’s quite easy to forget the air conditioner of your vehicle, in fact, many of us don’t give the air-conditioning system of our car or trucks a second though, provided it’s still making cold air. But this is an expensive and complex equipment that should always be a concern before it begins blowing hot air.

Maintaining the air-conditioning system of your car and truck will ensure that you have enough refrigerant to do the job properly. Any leaks in the air conditioning system can allow the refrigerant to escape, meaning the air conditioner won’t cool the air as well.

Have Your Air Conditioning Checked Before it Starts Blowing HOT Air

Aside from the refrigerant, some special oil circulates the system along with it. The purpose of this oil is to lubricate the various conditioning components and to keep all the seal resilient.  Low lubricating oil and refrigerant cause the air flow parts to wear out prematurely and it can be quite costly to repair them. As such, it’s very important to service the A/C as recommended.

Refrigerant Replacing

Make sure that you replace the old refrigerant whenever necessary. The refrigerant tends to collect moisture and eventually becomes corrosive. This corrosiveness can lead to leaks, which are expensive to repair. Pouring in a fresh refrigerant occasionally will help to protect the A/C components in your car or truck, keep the system functioning as efficiently as it’s supposed to, and ensure it doesn’t work too hard to keep you cool.

Save Money by Having Your Air Conditioning Checked in the Spring

Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that normal wear and tear gets to all moving parts, even with regular service. You can save on more expensive repairs down the road by addressing early problems as soon as they are identified. For example, one common failure is the clutch, which typically turns the compressor off/on. Taking care of a faulty A/C clutch as soon as it starts having problems can save the compressor. But if you wait too long then you may need replace both the clutch and the compressor.

Some of the common systems to be aware of a faulty A/C system include an unusual amount of noise during operation, an inoperable blower or fan, fluid leaks, and reduced cooling capabilities. A stale smell is another major sign of a faulty A/C. Clogged evaporators, compressors, expansion, or condenser valves can all contribute to the failure of your A/C system.

All these problems can be taken care of by Hudson Automotive car and truck air conditioning professionals, and get them back to optimal working condition. Check the owner’s manual of your vehicle for service recommendations. If it’s been long since you serviced your car or truck’s A/C or if you suspect it’s faulty, have a professional take a good look at it.

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