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Commercial Fleet Maintenance & Repair

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Fleet Service, Repair & Maintenance

Hudson Automotive GRiP Auto-Diesel & Tire, Fleet and Commercial Services is your automobile partner that supports the success of your business by making your life a little less stressful.

The time you spend attending to your business fleet of vehicles should be the time you can direct into other important matters that make your money. Vehicle repair and maintenance should be the last thing that stresses you when you have other more important things to handle for your business.


At Hudson Automotive, we understand that taking care of the fleet helps cut overall costs and reducing downtime. As a business, we understand what it means to have lost work hours; this means lost income which translates to lost profits. Therefore, we do our best to ensure that our clients have their fleets in proper working condition in the shortest time possible ready to heat the road. We offer tailored vehicle repair and maintenance services that suit each of your clients’ needs.


We are a local service provider dedicated to offering personalized automobile services and is fully committed to meeting your needs.

  • The drivers are local and operated within your location; they are friendly and will deal only with the owners’ this is a service guarantee.
  • Ensure warranty protection by performing logbook services and stamping the logbook.
  • Get a Nationwide Service Warranty that is valid for 20,000 kilometers or 12 months and covers both labor and parts.
  • The vehicles are repaired and maintained by Red Seal Certified technicians who undergo routine training (regular service bulletins and automobile workshop clinics) to ensure they stay current with the newest service models
  • Quality services at competitive costs. We appreciate the fact that clients always seek ways to reduce costs thus we always offer the best and most competitive prices with assured excellence in services rendered.
  • We ask for some basic information to help us develop the suitable services. We then schedule an appointment to just confirm the needs services before getting started.
  • We will do a complimentary inspection of the fleet and send our findings to your fleet manager. It is a practice that ensures you are aware of the condition of each car so that you can plan for any other services the fleet or individual care may need in future. The inspection also helps our technician have an in-depth knowledge of each car and its used in your company thus making it easier for us to give recommendations of what you can do to ensure your fleet operates at an optimal capacity.

In our years of work, we have discovered that fleets are different and each has specific needs. Our technicians will always work within this understanding to ensure your needs are met.


  1. A list of all the cars in your fleet. The list should include their license plate numbers, their drivers (if necessary), and individual identification numbers.
  2. A billing address with other details such as order numbers marked attention to, and other special instructions.
  3. The preferred payment methods (check, accounts payable, or credit card).
  4. Name and contact details of the persons who will authorize the estimates and repairs and maintenance services.
  5. Fleet history detailing the use of each car. The information helps our technicians pick the best service for each vehicle and make suitable recommendations.


At Hudson Automotive GRiP Auto-Diesel & Tire, Fleet and Commercial Services, we always strive to better our services to maintain our service guarantee. Feel free to inquire about our services and give your suggestions