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Professional Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services

If you are looking for ways to make your life less stressful and your business a whole lot more successful, you can always look to the help of Hudson Automotive GRiP Auto-Diesel & Tire Fleet Services.

Dealing with repair and maintenance can be a very frustrating responsibility that can take up all of your time while diverting your attention from the crucial task of managing your business. You make your money not by fixing your vehicles, but by being present and taking care of other important business elements.

Hudson Automotive has the ability to save you money with proper maintenance and repair to your fleet, as you will have very little downtime that can be expensive. Any lost time will translate into the loss of income and profitability. We always make sure that our fleet customers remain a priority so that all their vehicles get back onto the roads quickly. We have a full maintenance program that can be tailored to your particular fleet.

Hudson Automotive Auto-Diesel & Tire Fleet Advantages

Take into consideration the advantages that come from dealing with your local service provider, offering friendly, personalized services and a great deal of commitment to your needs.

– Drivers deal with owners directly. This is locally owned and operated, making personal, friendly service a reality for businesses.

– We offer logbook servicing and will stamp your book, ensuring that your new vehicle warranty is always protected.

– You have our Nationwide Warranty, covering both parts and labor up to 12 months or 20k kilometers from the service date.

– Only highly qualified technicians will work on your vehicles. These technicians are red seal certified, regularly trained and always updated on new models with service bulletins and regular clinics and workshops.

– We understand that business will be about cutting costs. We offer competitive rates and we guarantee to service on every make and model.

Getting started will always be the easy part and we just need some basic information. Once we get to that point, we will be able to schedule an appointment with you to address the repairs or services that are necessary.

While your vehicle is in the shop, we will take the time to perform a vehicle inspection, reporting to your fleet manager whatever findings we come up with. This is going to give you a general idea of the condition of your vehicle, helping you with the planning of future services and any repairs that you may need. This will give our staff a chance to get to know your vehicles, and how you use them in business. This will help us to make the right recommendations to help keep the fleet performing properly at all times.

We understand that fleets will have certain needs, and our staff is happy to help whenever possible.

 Basic Information We Need

– A listing of all your fleet vehicles, including license plate numbers and corresponding identification number for any vehicle that you have, including drivers.

– The billing address along with special instructions like marked attention to, purchase order numbers and more.

– Payment method, such as check, accounts payable or credit card.

– The name and telephone number of the person responsible for authorizing your estimates and repairs.

– Any past vehicle history and the intended use of each vehicle. This helps our staff to service your fleet better, making future recommendations easier.

– Our staff will always look for ways to help serve you better. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please give us a call!


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