Eco-Friendly Diesel Vehicle Repairs in Langley

Eco-friendly initiatives are important to many, and eco-friendly vehicles fall into those concerns as well. Which is where our Eco-Friendly Diesel Vehicle Repairs in Langley come in to assist!

What is Involved in Eco-Friendly Diesel Vehicle Repairs?

Repairing eco-friendly diesel vehicles is similar to repairing conventional diesel vehicles, but with some variances in the components and systems involved. These include…

  1. Diesel Particulate Filter that reduce particulate emissions.
  1. SCR systems to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.
  2. Modern diesel engines use common rail injection systems, which provide precise control over fuel injection.
  3. High-pressure fuel systems to atomize and inject fuel
  4. Air Intake and exhaust systems

Utilizing diagnostic tools to check the engine control unit for error codes or issues related to emission control systems is important, along with regular emissions testing. And, in addition to the above particulars in diesel vehicle repairs, using eco-friendly re-manufactured parts plays an important role too. Along with the proper disposal of used parts, fluids and waste material.

Repairing eco-friendly diesel vehicles involves a focus on emission control components and systems, along with addressing standard diesel engine issues. Hudson Auto is here to help with all of the above!

Eco-Friendly Diesel Vehicle Repairs in Langley

Eco-Friendly Diesel Vehicle Repairs in Langley

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When it comes to emissions, you might be surprised at the idea of ‘eco-friendly diesel’. But the truth I, iss that diesel emits significantly less (15 percent lower) CO2 than petrol.

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Diesel engines emit less CO2 and greenhouse gases than petrol engines. This happens because of the particular type of fuel and the internal efficiency of the diesel engine. More specifically, the fuel used in diesel engines has a higher compression ratio than petrol and it also performs better than petrol engines. As a result, less fuel is used to travel the same distance, allowing to save more CO2. Most estimations indicate that diesel engines emit about 10% less than the petrol engines of the same category.

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