Eco-Friendly Vehicle Service & Repairs

Repairs for Eco-Friendly Automobiles

More and more motorists are becoming concerned about the issues of eco-friendly vehicles. When it comes to emissions, you might be surprised at the idea of ‘eco-friendly diesel’, but the truth is that diesel emits significantly less (15 percent lower) CO2 than petrol. It is worse from the point of view of nitrogen emissions, outputting around four times the amount, but for your carbon footprint, using diesel makes sense.

Diesel Vehicles

If you are stuck with a diesel vehicle, then you might want to look at ways of reducing your fuel usage to improve your impact on the environment. You can do this by looking at issues like the performance of the vehicle. Out of alignment wheels, for example, can impair the performance of your car. Even being out by just 2mm can make your car harder to control, and can shorten the life of your tires. If you are fighting with your car because the steering is difficult, then you will find that you use more fuel than you would ordinarily need to.

Powerstroke Engines

Powerstroke engines can be hard to work with – they need regular service and repairs to keep them running optimally. Cooling issues, injector problems, clogged intakes and bad turbos can all take a car or van that handles like a dream and turn it into a problematic machine that guzzles diesel at an incredible rate. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive about maintenance. Instead of worrying about power stroke repairs which can be costly, take your car for regular maintenance.

Wheel Alignments

Pay attention to your driving style as well – even if your wheel alignments are good, if you’re thrashing your tires, and excessively accelerating and decelerating during day to day driving, you will find that your diesel consumption increases, and you don’t get the best out of your vehicle.