5 Diesel Truck Maintenance Tips for Fuel Efficiency

Hudson Auto in Langley, is proud to help our community with ensuring their vehicles are properly maintained in order to perform at their best. Which includes diesel truck maintenance.

Check out these ‘5 Diesel Truck Maintenance Tips for Fuel Efficiency’ to help you ensure you’re doing the utmost for your fuel economy.

5 Diesel Truck Maintenance Tips for Fuel Efficiency

  1. Gasket Inspection & Replacement

With a diesel truck, your gaskets are under increased stress. As such,  any leak requires a complete gasket replacement, keeping your engine in proper working order and preventing added fuel consumption.

  • Glow Plug Checks & Replacement

Glow plugs are an imperative part in ensuring your diesel engine starts, runs and performs properly. Replacing them as needed is important for optimal performance.

  • Optimize With Diesel Fuel Treatments

Like any engine, diesel engines generate a lot of friction. Diesel fuel treatments can help clean your engine and improve performance at the same time.  

  • Oil Change Oil Change Oil Change

Need we say more?!

  • Fuel Filter Replacement

When having your aforementioned oil change completed, your fuel filter will be assessed and replaced as needed, which also aids in optimal fuel consumption.

Hudson Auto is here to help with all of the above through our Diesel Truck Maintenance & Repairs Langley.

Diesel Truck Maintenance & Repairs Langley

diesel truck maintenance

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At Hudson Automotive our certified Technicians are trained to handle any repair or service on your light truck or medium duty vehicle. From diesel engine repair, transmission services, exhaust systems to regular maintenance – Our team works hard to ensure that you and your vehicle are provided with the finest service until you drive away completely satisfied with our work.

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