What is The Purpose of Shocks & Struts?

shocks and struts

Shocks and struts are important to maintain as they affect your vehicle’s stopping distance, tire wear, and steering control.

The main purpose of shocks, struts, and even coil springs is to absorb the pressure when driving so you encounter a comfortable ride. Shocks dampen or eliminate spring oscillation (up and down movement) by using a plunger, a cylinder, and non-compressible liquid.

When you drive over rough roadways or encounter a pot hole, shocks and struts go to work to help maintain an even ride so your vehicle’s steering system is more in control and tires remain on the road surface.

Longterm spring oscillation or bouncing can cause shock and strut components to wear allowing for added bouncing and poor tire wear. It also takes longer to stop your car or truck when these parts are worn.

If you are encountering a bumpy ride, nose dives when stopping, or unusual tire wear, make sure to have your shocks or struts checked for worn parts. It really is all about driver safety and being able to properly steer, control, and stop your vehicle.

Bring your vehicle into Hudson Auto Care and have your shocks & struts inspected!

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