What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your Car’s Air Conditioning System?

If you have ever wondered ‘What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your Car’s Air Conditioning System’ – Hudson Auto is here to fill you in!

All moving parts if your vehicle require maintenance. Without doing so, mechanical parts can and will break down, and the lifespan will decrease significantly as well.

Our auto service centre seeks to help customers prevent that with our Hudson Auto Air Conditioning Service in Langley. We want to ensure your vehicle runs as it should season after season; functioning safely and providing you with a healthy air conditioner during the hot months.

So …How Does an Auto’s AC Work?

An auto’s AC is comprised of 5 components:

  1. Condenser
  2. Compressor
  3. Accumulator
  4. Expansion Valve
  5. Evaporator

Each are responsible for their part in cooling your car, whether compressing refrigerant gas, pushing air through coils to cool the gas, drying the air, compressing liquid into a mist or blowing cool air. Each component works together to provide the end result: cool, healthy air.

How Do You Know if Your AC Needs Servicing?

If you can hear a hissing or knocking coming from your vents when you turn on or off your vehicle after having the AC on, these are indicators you may need it serviced.

Smell also a telltale sign. This can be due to mold, fungus or bacteria, all of which are clearly not good to be breathing in. Spores from bacteria can get into your lungs and eventually cause serious health concerns. Which is something anyone would want to avoid in general, especially amidst Covid-19 concerns.

Our recent blog post ‘Indicators Your Auto’s Air Conditioner Needs Servicing’ also provides additional information worth the read, helping you uncover when and why you may need your auto’s air conditioner serviced.

Hudson Auto Air Conditioning Service in Langley

Maintaining the air conditioning system of your car and truck will ensure that you have enough refrigerant to do the job properly. Any leaks in the air conditioning system can allow the refrigerant to escape, resulting in the air conditioner malfunctioning.

At Hudson Automotive, you can trust your automotive air conditioning needs to our experienced, local team of experts. Our goal is to get your car back on the road as quickly and cost-effectively as possible – and we look forward to doing so!