Top Services to Keep Your Auto Running Smoothly: Car Maintenance Service in Langley

As a provider of car maintenance service in Langley, our technicians recognize the importance of regular tune-ups. Although a “tune-up” might sound like a large process, it truly is not. It’s the small things that can keep your car running smoothly mile after mile – and we’re here to help ensure that is the case!

Top Services to Keep Your Auto Running Smoothly

Replace Your Air Filter

Air filter replacements are often recommended every second oil change. However, replacing your air filter is an affordable way to ensure you are getting the best gas mileage out of your vehicle. It will keep your auto running smoothly, and is especially important to change if you live in a dusty area or have regular lengthy commutes.

Top Up Your Fluids

Your vehicles’ fluids are the “blood” of your car that keeps the engine pumping. Fluids ensure your auto is mechanically sound. They include: antifreeze, steering, brake and transmission fluid, as well as radiator and coolant fluids.

Maintain Your Oil and Filter Changes

Regular oil changes are the simplest service you can have that can help keep your auto running smoothly. It is something a lot of car owners put off, but is a simple and affordable way to improve the fuel consumption and longevity of your vehicle.

Belts, Hoses and Wipers

Having all-systems-go include your belts, hoses and wipers. These might seem like ‘small details’, but they are all part of a collective system that will keep you and others safe on the road.

Wheel Bearings and Alignments

To ensure even wear and tear on your tires, having your tires rotated and balanced will prevent untimely and costly tire repairs or replacements. In addition, having the undercarriage of your car inspected for axle concerns will also keep you safe on the road.

And last but definitely not least – ensuring your lights are all working as they should, will help inform the drivers around you of your presence and intention on the road. From brake lights to blinkers – this handy signals should all be operational for optimal road safety.

Car Maintenance Service in Langley

Basic services are essential in making sure that your vehicle holds up mile after mile. At Hudson Automotive we are proud to offer the above can maintenance service in Langley.

Stop by our shop or give us a call today. Our staff has all the necessary equipment and expertise to make your visit as easy, stress free, and efficient as possible!