Top 3 Auto Maintenance Tips for a Fuel-Efficient New Year

Even though modern vehicles are known for their fuel efficiency, there are ways you can increase your cars economy and emissions in 2021.

These ‘Top 3 Auto Maintenance Tips for a Fuel-Efficient New Year’ will help you do so!

Change Your Oil & Filter

Not only are regular oil changes important to how your car runs; the type of oil you put in your vehicle matters too.

From the change in seasons to high performance vehicles – there are a wide range or reasons why different oil based on the time of year and make or model of your vehicle.

In fact, says, that by using 10W-30 motor oil in vehicle meant for 5W-30, it could change your fuel efficiency by as much as 2% – which adds up month after month.

In addition, your filter plays an important role in allowing oxygen to flow optimally through your vehicle’s engine, ensuring a smooth and economical ride.

Hudson Auto provides oil change services in Langley, and we would be happy to book your appointment through our easy online booking system!

Remember to Change Your Spark Plugs

Such an easy switch-out, but still an often-forgotten change.

Dirty spark plugs can cause your vehicle to have a reduction in performance – reducing fuel efficiency by an additional (and whopping) 30%.

Misfiring and worn out spark plugs are easy to replace in order to improve your gas mileage and auto performance – and we can help.

Give Your Engine a Minute to Warm Up

Remember how your parents always use to let the vehicle ‘warm up’ on cold winter days? New vehicles can still benefit from this.

Not only will this provide you with a warm interior, but it can also help to get your engine ready, having you drive with increased ease and improved gas consumption.

More and more motorists are becoming concerned about the issues of eco-friendly vehicles – and when it comes to emissions, you might be surprised at the idea of ‘eco-friendly diesel’.

The truth is, is that diesel emits significantly less (15 percent lower) CO2 than petrol, and we can help you maintain your diesel car or truck and improve upon its efficiency also here at Hudson Auto.

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