The Benefits of Servicing Your Fleet Before Fall

Having a fleet of company vehicles requires a variety of responsibilities, and costs associated with them – including the maintenance and repairs of each vehicle.

Which is why Hudson Automotive would like to extend our Fleet and Commercial Services to you, supporting the success of your business by making your life a little less stressful. We are here to help ensure your fleet vehicle repairs and maintenance in Langley are stress-free and managed properly, so that you can simply focus on your business and not on auto concerns!

Servicing Your Fleet  Improves Fuel Efficiency

At Hudson Automotive, we want to help our customers maintain their vehicles in order to help them reduce overall operation costs of running a vehicle day in and day out, while also preventing any unexpected emergencies.

A maintained fleet is a fuel efficient fleet. Whether keeping the oil changed, the tires properly maintained and replaced as needed, and ensuring that everything under the hood is running like the well-oiled machine it should be.

Servicing Your Fleet Avoids Costly Emergency Repairs

We also offer tailored repairs for your fleet to help keep your vehicles on the road and avoid potential costly emergency repairs, while also helping to maintain uninterrupted profits of your business along with ensuring our vehicle’s warranty is maintained.

Servicing Your Fleet Keeps All Hands on Deck

Keeping all your vehicles on the road means keeping all your employees on task. Our guaranteed services helps to keep your fleet function in full-form, providing such service as:

  • Local repairs within your location through friendly technicians who deal directly with owners as needed
  • Warranty protection by performing logbook services and stamping the logbook
  • Nationwide Service Warranty that is valid for 20,000 kilometers or 12 months, and covers both labor and parts
  • Vehicle repair and maintenance by Red Seal Certified technicians who undergo routine training (regular service bulletins and automobile workshop clinics) to ensure they stay current with the newest service models
  • Quality services at competitive costs
  • Complimentary inspection of your fleet to ensure you are aware of the condition of each vehicle so that you can plan ahead

If you are looking for hassle-free way of running your business, we have you covered – including diesel trucks not exceeding 1 ton. For more information, check out our Fleet Maintenance information page or give us a call … we look forward to serving you!