Langley Car Servicing: Basic Car Maintenance Can Make a Big Difference

At Hudson Auto, we are proud of our Langley Car Servicing that we provide to the community. Our customers trust us to deliver trusted advice, maintenance and repairs. Not only does this allow them peace of mind on their daily commute or road trip adventures, it also helps with overall costs.

We always encourage our customers to check their vehicles maintenance schedule suggestions, and offer them our advice on what they can hold off on or what they should consider doing more often. Because, when it comes to basic car maintenance – sometimes it’s the basics that can make the biggest difference, and we’re here to help make that difference!

Basic Car Maintenance Can Make a Big Difference

So, what are some basic car maintenance tips that can help auto owners maintain their vehicle’s safety, obtain some better gas mileage, and potentially even enhance the lifespan of their vehicle? Allow us to share!


Let’s start with tires; considering that M&S tires are now required on all mountain passes in BC. Beyond the seasonal change, keeping your tires in proper repair with the right air pressure, can help manage fuel efficiency AND maximize the lifespan of your tires.

As well, ensuring you have your tires rotated for even wear will also help manage your tire’s lifespan, in addition to ensuring your steering and suspension isn’t being strained due to imbalanced tires.


It might sound simple; but it’s worth reminding our local drivers that – washing your vehicle regularly will help keep it looking like new and avoid any unnecessary wear on or underneath your vehicle. Protecting and caring for your vehicles paint job is a critical part of being a car owner, and we’re happy to provide you with a FREE cleaning when you have your vehicle serviced with us.

Oil & Filter

This is a service that is sometimes overlooked or put off longer than it should be. But it is one of the most cost effective ways to keep your vehicle humming along for decades. It’s one of the many services we provide and encourage, while delivering on many others as needed.

Langley Car Servicing

Curious about our car servicing? Take a look at what we provide…

  • Complete Computer Diagnostics
     Complete Safety Analysis
     Drivability Problems
     Oil Changes
     Steering and Suspensions
     Brake repair specialists
     Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
  • Alignments
     Fuel System Services
     Coolant Systems
     Emission Repairs
     Air Conditioning Service
     Electrical Systems
     Fleet Maintenance
     And More!

Regardless of if you are seeking maintenance or repairs, we can help. We offer a FREE 15-minute inspection if you are unsure of the problem your vehicle is having, and are equipped with the expertise to make your visit as easy, stress free and efficient as possible!