Indicators Your Auto’s Air Conditioner Needs Servicing 

IMany of us enjoy the easy “flick of a switch” features found in our automobiles, regardless of if you drive a luxury vehicle, a rugged all-terrain truck, or employ a fleet of service vehicles – being able to turn on the air conditioner is one of the features we quickly come to appreciate when it fails to work on a hot summer day.

Which is why we want to make you aware of the top ‘Indicators Your Auto’s Air Conditioner Needs Servicing’, ensuring your vehicle is ready for the warm season ahead without incident!

Common Warning Signs That Your Air Conditioner is Wearing Out

At Hudson Auto, we’re here to help you avoid getting caught in your car during the hot summer sun without air conditioning, by paying attention to these common warning signs:

Your Air Conditioning Unit Isn’t Producing Cold Air

Clearly this tops the list as an indicator your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly, or at all for that matter, and can occur when your vehicles air conditioning system is out of refrigerant, has a damaged cooling fan, clogged air filters – or a variety of other factors we can quickly detect at Hudson Auto.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Slow to Produce Cool Air

Your air conditioning unit may be in its beginning phases of breaking down if it is slow to produce cool air. This could be an indicator of a leak in your refrigerant and is a concern that should not go left unchecked.

Your Air Conditioning Unit is Making Weird Noises, Smelly or Leaving Water Stains

Another indicator that your air conditioner is breaking down in your vehicle involves weird noises. This can be caused by leaves or debris in your vent, or possibly a worn out system altogether.

Also be aware of water stains beneath you vehicle, or a bad smell consistently coming through your vents.

Regardless of the ‘why’, our professionals at Hudson Auto can quickly get to the bottom of your air conditioner concerns, and often address them with a same-day repairs.

Having your autos air conditioner serviced is essential to making sure your vehicle will produce cool air during the hot summer months, and Hudson Automotive is here to help!

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