Improve Business Efficiencies with Fleet Maintenance in Langley this Fall

There is little else worse than a company vehicle down during business hours, and with fall fast approaching – Hudson Automotive would like to help you ‘Improve Business Efficiencies with Fleet Maintenance in Langley this Fall’!

Fleet maintenance in Langley plays an important role in keeping “business as usual” functioning without interruption, and a sound fleet maintenance service via a trusted provider can make all the difference to your success and minimizing stress.

Our Fleet Maintenance and Fleet Service in Langley Includes:

 Complete Computer Diagnostics
Complete Safety Analysis
Drivability Problems
Oil Changes
Steering and Suspensions
Brake repair specialists
Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
Fuel System Services
Coolant Systems
Emission Repairs
Air Conditioning Service
Electrical Systems …and more!


There are also advantages to our Hudson Automotive Fleet Service, which include…

  • Warranty protection
  • Logbook services
  • Complimentary inspection of your fleet before addressing concerns in order to evaluate cost, while also ensuring we have an ongoing record of each vehicle coming in for servicing or repairs
  • 20,000km or 12-month warranty on all our labour and parts
  • Red Seal Certified technicians
  • Competitive cost comparison
  • Maintenance scheduled to your agenda


Whether you have recently pivoted your business to meet Covid-19 protocols and are including a delivery service to accommodate the needs of your customers, or you run a long-standing construction or delivery service, or provide any number of services through a fleet of vehicles – maintaining them is – understandably, a high priority, and doing so affordably and through a reputable company should not be overlooked either.

Which is where Hudson Automotive Fleet and Commercial Services comes in to help, guaranteeing our services to provide peace of mind, and reassuring customers that we feel confident in the quality of our workmanship and longstanding relationships that we have with our clients.

We are conveniently located at 10703 60th Avenue in Langley and are open Monday – Friday 8-5. We look forward to showing you how our fleet maintenance care can help your company maintain “business as usual” and improve your fall services from the start!

Phone: (604) 533-6698 or BOOK APPOINTMENT online for your convenience.