How You Can Save Money With Regular Vehicle Maintenance

It may seem like an odd thought – spending money to save money, but when it comes to vehicle maintenance, it’s true!

Keeping your auto in good repair can make a difference for many reasons. From reducing gas consumption to improving vehicle performance, avoiding costly repairs to ensuring safety measures, keeping your car, truck or fleet on a regular maintenance schedule can truly help you in a multitude of ways, and Hudson Automotive in Langley is here to help you do so.

Keep Your Oil Changes on Schedule

Changing your vehicle’s engine oil is one of the most tried, tested and true way to keep your car humming along as it should. This is an affordable way to reduce gas consumption to the tune of as much as $200 a year, while keeping your engine properly lubricated as well.

This is also an opportunity to have all your other fluids checked – such as your radiator coolant, power steering, brake, clutch and transmission fluid, as well as simple checks such as windshield washer fluid levels. After all, your fluid levels play a pivotal part in your vehicles safety and smooth driving abilities, preventing unnecessary friction and stress on any moving parts within your vehicle.

Lastly, within a regular oil change – we also routinely check your vehicle’s air filter, which keeps dirt, dust and debris out of the engine, helping your vehicle keep clear of any added irritants and preventing added stress to the driving condition of your car. Call our expert mechanics to have an oil change in Langley.

Arrange Seasonal Tire Checks or Changeovers

Having the correct tire size and tread on your vehicle is imperative to helping your auto run smoothly, as well as reduce the amount of gas your car consumes month after month.

Extra-large tires – or mags, look great on many vehicles, but keep in mind that they will also cost you more in fuel costs. Along with your tire pressure, which plays an important role in safety, lifespan and better fuel consumption by 3-4%.

In addition to size, balance also matters. So having your tires regularly balanced and rotated will ensure even wear, extend the life of the tires and keep your suspension system properly maintained.

Be Aware of Your Need for Tune-Ups and Brake Maintenance

Having your vehicle tuned up can also save you over $100 a year, improving gas consumption and also preventing more costly repairs.

In addition, having your brakes checked can help address worn out brake pads, which can lead to major costly repairs due to damaged drums, rotors and cylinders, increasing your costs by up to $300 or more.

Small efforts in a vehicle can make a big difference – and at Hudson Auto, we go the extra mile to keep your car operating in optimal condition season after season. Affordable, effective, local …and ready to serve you!