How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

With the winter season only five days away, preparing your vehicle for winter is on a lot of people’s minds. Even though our winters are mild, there are still many things to consider when operating your car or truck during the colder, rain-riddled months – and we’re here to help with our Winter Auto Care Package at Hudson Auto in Langley!

Winter Tire Installation in Langley

ICBC, BCAA and many other auto insurance companies in BC, were recently advising locals about the importance of having winter tires installed in the Lower Mainland. And we couldn’t agree more!

Even though snow might be a rare occurrence here, winter tires also help in rainy conditions and cold weather below 7-degrees. And if you are planning on travelling over the mountain passes, winter tires (M+S and above) are actually mandatory and the only safe option.

Ensuring your vehicle is gripping the road the way it should, will better ensure your safety and auto handling, and Hudson Auto is here to help with all your winter tire installation needs in Langley.

Oil Change Service in Langley

Cold weather can also effect your oil, and without the proper levels and formulations, your engine suffers, or worse – can fail under truly frigid conditions such as mountain passes.

As a local Langley auto service centre, we will happily help you with all your winter oil change needs, and keep you up and running smoothly all season long!

Spark Plug Tune-Ups in Langley

Spark plugs give life to your ignition – and beyond, and fresh spark plugs are especially important in the winter when your vehicle needs all the extra help it can get to work through the added pressures of the elements.

Allow us to tune-up your spark plugs, testing them to see what kind of condition they are in, and replacing them as needed to keep you vehicle running smoothly this winter season.

Other Winter Auto Maintenance Musts for Winter Include…

Battery and Charging Service – helping keep your auto fully charged and ready to go.

Headlight Replacement – to keep your visibility in proper working condition.

At Hudson Automotive, we are here to keep your vehicle running safely and in optimal condition. Allow us to help you with all your winter auto care needs in Langley at Hudson Automotive, conveniently located at 19703 60th Ave in Langley, or feel free to call us at 604-533-6698.

Have a safe and happy holidays everyone!