Fraser Valley Diesel Auto Maintenance: Understanding the Difference With Diesel

If you are a diesel vehicle owner, our Fraser Valley diesel auto maintenance in Langley can help ensure you are well taken care of.

Whether you have always chosen to drive a diesel auto, or you are new to the family; understanding that a diesel vehicle requires different attention to your maintenance is important – and Hudson Auto is here to help!

The Difference With Diesel Vehicles Maintenance

Overall, diesel engines need more frequent oil and filter changes than their gas counterparts. In addition, diesel exhaust fluid is also an important factor to address regularly, as it helps reduce emissions.

Although these might seem like minor maintenance frequency ‘add-ons’, they are an imperative part in keeping your diesel vehicle running well, as well as maintaining the engine accordingly.

Take the Porsche, for example. They suggest an oil change after 16,000km for the gas engine, but when it comes to their Cayenne diesel SUV – that drops down to 8000km. Making it exactly twice as often that you should be getting an oil change on your diesel engine with this particular vehicle – which our affiliate company, Euro Fix, can help with.

That being said, when it comes to the Ford diesel trucks, the oil change intervals are the same as the gas model. Which is something we are well-versed in as a diesel truck service centre in Langley.

Fraser Valley Diesel Auto Maintenance

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At Hudson Automotive, our Certified Diesel Technicians are trained to handle any repair or service on your light truck or medium duty vehicle. From diesel engine repair, transmission services, exhaust systems to regular maintenance – our team works hard to ensure that you and your vehicle are provided with the finest service until you drive away completely satisfied with our work.

Hudson Automotive Diesel Auto Advantages…

  • Professional, Licensed Technicians
  • Guaranteed Auto Repair and Service
  • Customer Care and Rewards Programs
  • Complimentary Local Shuttle Service

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