Why ‘Shop Local’ is More Than a Catchphrase at Hudson Auto: Fraser Valley Auto Maintenance

Hudson Auto has been providing Fraser Valley auto maintenance for nearly 3-decades. Located near the corner of Fraser Highway and the Langley Bypass, our local vehicle repair and maintenance shop has seen the community grow up around us – and our customers along with it.

From the bustling neighbourhood of Clayton Heights, to the ever-emerging Yorkson district; the Fraser Valley has expanded a lot in the 30-years we have been serving the community.

We are proud to continue to uphold traditional service values for our long-standing customers, as well as turning new ones into trusting customers!

Why Choosing Local Services Matter

‘Shop local’ is more than a catchphrase at Hudson Auto. We truly believe in giving back to our community, hiring those within in, and frequenting other local businesses to keep our dollars within the community we love and serve.

Investing in the area in which you live helps to generate a thriving community. And that’s what we love to see – people thrive; as well as people driving away safely.

Fraser Valley Auto Maintenance

We understand the importance of maintaining our customer’s vehicles in order to prevent more costly repairs down the road, and have always maintained the policy of fair pricing – regardless of if you drive a domestic pickup truck or a luxury European model vehicle.

Our auto maintenance and repairs include…

  • Complete Computer Diagnostics
  • Complete Safety Analysis
  • Drivability Problems
  • Oil Changes & Tune-ups
  • Steering and Suspensions
  • Brake repair specialists
  • Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
  • Alignments
  • Fuel System Services
  • Coolant Systems
  • Emission Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Electrical Systems
  • Fleet Maintenance
     …And More!

Did You Know…

As mentioned in our blog post How You Can Save Money With Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Having your vehicle tuned up can save you over $100 a year, improving gas consumption and also preventing more costly repairs.

At Hudson Automotive, we are here to help keep you safe, and save money in doing so. We look forward to continuing to serve our community for another 3-decades!