Diesel Engine Truck Repairs – What You Need to Know

Curious how diesel engine repairs differ from gas engines? Whether you’re considering buying a diesel engine truck, or you simply have never taken the time to educate yourself on the differences – Hudson Auto is here to help you better understand ‘Diesel Engine Truck Repairs – What You Need to Know’!

The Main Difference in Diesel Engine Trucks Vs Gas Models

The main difference in a diesel engine truck is that the engine uses compression in the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel. Unlike gas engines that ‘spark’ to create the same result.

Diesel engines vs. gas engines are mainly about the preferred choice for many truck owners. We’re here to help keep either option running smoothly through our truck maintenance services in Langley.

The Importance of Diesel Engine Maintenance

Diesel engines have improved over the years in a variety of ways including – emissions, horsepower, torque and technology.

Keeping a diesel engine running as they should requires regular maintenance, possibly even more-so than the gas-running counterpart.

Some of the most basic ways to keep your diesel engine in good repair is by maintaining the filters and fluids, and regular maintenance checks should include…

  • Diesel engine oil checks/fills
  • Exhaust treatment and front differential fluid checks/replacement
  • Power steering, brake and auto transmission fluid checks/replacement
  • …as well as coolant checks

Regular maintenance will minimize repair costs over time, and can truly save you thousands in the long run.

Our Gas & Diesel Truck Service & Repairs Include…

 Truck Computerized Diagnostics
 Diesel Engine Repair
 Drivability Problems
 Oil Changes
 Steering and Suspensions
 Brake repair specialists
 Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

 Fuel System Services
 Coolant Systems
 Emission Repairs
 Air Conditioning Service
 Electrical Systems
 Fleet Maintenance
 …and more!

We also recently wrote on ‘Diesel Engine – Upgrades to Help Increase Your Vehicle’s Power – which can help you enhance the power of your vehicle and is well worth the read or an in-person discussion.

There are many considerations for your diesel engine truck repairs, and Hudson Automotive is here to help with all your routine maintenance needs, as well as provide experienced technicians who can maintain and enhance your diesel engine as you see fit!