Brake Repair Specialist in Langley – Signs You May Need Your Brakes Replaced

Ultimately, your vehicle’s brakes are what keep you safe while driving; and as brake repair specialists in Langley, it is important to us to let our reading audience know signs you may need your brakes replaced.

In general, brake pads should be replaced every 80,000km. This is dependent, of course, on your driving style and type of vehicle you own. Which is why the warning signs are important to pay attention to and address as quickly as possible.

Such signs include…

Noisy Brakes

The first indicator your brake pads may be in need of replacing is when they begin to squeal or grind when braking. Although, it’s important to know that changes in weather – such as rain, can also be a cause for noisy brakes. But if your brakes are making noise regardless of the weather, and the sound leans more towards grinding – it is important to have them checked right away.

Indication Light

A lot of vehicles have indicator lights to alert them to auto concerns. Some vehicles will have a sensor telling you your brake pads are wearing thin. This, again, should be looked at by a professional to let you know how much life you have left in your brake pads, giving you time to budget for a replacement as needed.

Vibrating Brakes

Another indicator of failing brakes is when they vibrate while slowing or stopping. This shows signs of brake pads that have worn down unevenly and in need to be replaced.

At Hudson Automotive, our brake service in Langley is essential in making sure that your vehicle holds up and runs safely mile after mile. Whether you are in need of brake replacement or other services or repairs for your vehicle, you can count on our local service. We have expert technicians that specialize in repairing both domestic and imported vehicles, understanding how to increase the lifespan of your car, truck or SUV – while ensuring your safety and addressing the affordability of repairs.

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