5 Ways Summer Heat Can Impact You Vehicle: Summer Auto Care in Langley

If you are looking to keep your vehicle running smoothly; our summer auto care in Langley is an excellent way to do so.

From your engine’s cooling system to your air conditioner’s performance –  and beyond, there are various maintenance musts when the temperature starts to rise. Hudson Auto is here for that!

5 Ways Summer Heat Can Impact You Vehicle

Although the Lower Mainland isn’t known for significant heat waves – they do happen. Such summer heat can have an impact on your vehicle, which we can help you mitigate.

Here are some key areas where warm weather can impact your vehicle:

  1. Engine Cooling System

Regardless of the season, your engine can overheat if the cooling system is not functioning correctly. Add in warm weather, and it can put added stress on aa vehicle’s radiator, coolant, and hoses.

2. Belts and Hoses

High temperatures can also cause the rubber in belts and hoses to wear more quickly – potentially leading to cracks, which can also lead to breakdowns.

3. Air Conditioning System

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system has to work harder in the heat. This can lead to added wear and potential failure of components.

As discussed on our service page

Preventative maintenance is as important for your car’s air conditioner as it is for your home’s air conditioner. They both require regular service to avoid problems and consistently work properly. Your car’s air conditioner needs to be tested on an annual basis to detect and repair damaged components before they become costly problems.

4. Oil and Fluids

Engine oil thins out when sitting in the heat, reducing its effectiveness in lubricating engine components. Other fluids, such as transmission fluid and brake fluid, can also be affected.

5. Battery Performance

A fairly unknown fact, is that heat accelerates the chemical reactions inside your car battery. This can lead to overcharging and decreased battery life.

Keeping your battery clean is one way to help with this, along with having the fluid levels checked if it’s not a maintenance-free battery.

The good news? Hudson Auto is here to help with all of the above, keeping your car running smoothly throughout the summer months!

Summer Auto Care in Langley

Summer Auto Care in Langley

If you want to ensure your vehicle is ready for the warm summer weather ahead, Hudson Auto can help. Regardless of if you want to maintain your vehicle for your daily commute, or prepare forr a summer road trip, preventative maintenance is the most affordable solution!

Our services include

  • Computerized Diagnostics
    Complete Safety Analysis
    Drivability Problems
    Tune-ups & Oil Changes
    Diesel Service & Repairs
    Steering and Suspensions
    Brake repair specialists
    Mufflers and Exhaust Systems
  • Alignments
    Fuel System Services
    Coolant Systems
    Emission Repairs
    Air Conditioning Service
    Electrical Systems
    Fleet Maintenance
    And More!

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