3 Reasons Why You Might Want to Switch to Winter Tires in October

It is not common that we get harsh winters here in the Lower Mainland. But although we may not be hit with a lot of snow locally, there are still various factors to consider when trying to decide if you should switch over to winter tires or not, and as a GRiP Auto & Tire Retailer – Hudson Automotive is here to help you understand what those factors are!

Unexpected Trips in Winter Driving Conditions

You don’t have to venture too far to discover winter driving conditions here in BC. Whether heading up to Whistler, making your way to the Okanagan, or even driving for a day trip to Manning Park – snow, frigid weather and potentially icy roads can be found within only a couple short hours outside of the Fraser Valley.

Which is why being prepared with winter tires is important. Not only are they required on BC mountain passes, but they also provide much more safety than an all-season, or even the allowable M+S (mud and snow) tires.  

Winter Tires Extend the Life of Your All-Season Tires

Whether you have all-season or M+S tires, having a set of winter tires will extend the life of BOTH sets of tires by around double – depending on when you switch them over each year, and how many kilometres you put on your vehicle.

Winter tires are made to grip the road, both based on their tread, their ability to stop 25% better in snowy conditions, as well as their ability to withstand temperatures below 7 degrees C.

This makes driving around on winter tires – when roads are cold and potentially snowy, a much safer choice, and keeps your all-season tires in all-season shape!

Switching to Winter Tires in October Helps People Beat the Rush

When snow hits Metro Vancouver communities – the public panics. Which makes switching your tires over during early fall a wise decision.

Beyond unexpected road trips and extending the life of your tires, beating the rush and potentially being unable to find winter tires once you need them, ensures your vehicle is fitted accordingly without waiting in lines that extends past availability. Which is something Hudson Automotive is here to help you do!

As a GRiP Auto & Tire Retailer, we offer a large selection of quality brand name winter tires for your car, truck, minivan or SUV. Our professional technicians and knowledgeable service advisors can help you select the right tire for your vehicle and driving habits, backed by professional installation.

Also, we make your seasonal tire changes easier with tire storage. If you haven’t been making the change over to winter tires simply because you lack the space for storage  – ask us about our tire storage!

Hudson Automotive – GRiP Tire Advantages

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Ready to get your winter tires installed in Langley? Come in today to see our tire inventory at Hudson Automotive, and get your questions answered about what tires best suits your needs. We look forward to serving you!